Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just A Cup of Cold Water!

Once more folks, YDP has come and has gone. Once more it's proven itself to be the ultimate awesome camp that we all look forward to each year! This year's camp was held at Starfresh Agro Park, Negeri Sembilan with a total of 100+ participant of which 94(?) are youths. Undoubtedly all of us went home with something learnt, someone new to remember and some things never to be forgotten. Here I tell my story of YDP 2010, Just A Cup of Cold Water(it's the theme btw)

Day 1
Continuing from my last post, I actually worshiped at S17 and stayed over at Patrick's house for the night as he too was going for the camp. Met up with the other brethren at the Klang building at around 8.30 and soon enough we left for the campsite. Upon boarding the bus, I noticed a peculiar boy, dressed in batik, speaking in a foreign slang. Keep him in mind, you will want to. Arrival at around 10+ and here comes the welcome hugs and WAZZAP DUDEEEEEEs! First person on the scene to be spotted was none other than my bro TIMMY! Well, after a quick briefing we headed for our respective dorms.

dorm 4, the most happening dorm! notice the guy in batik.

Yes indeed I ended up in the most noisy, fun, food-bound bunk! The guy in batik is none other than Jonathan Ong, mind you there were 4 Jonathans in our bunk. Most of the fun came from debates between Timmy, Jon Yang, and Jon Ong. Debates about Manchester United and Bon Jovi mostly.

Jon Yang: *plays Living On A Prayer*
Jon Yang: Oh so what kinda music you listen to then?
Jon Ong: I listen to bagpipes.

Timmy: So what do you think about Manchester United and football?
Jon Ong: Football is a useless sport where 22 people chase after a ball pointlessly.
Jon Ong: And Alex Ferguson did not contribute to England at all!

Jon Ong with his monetarium

probably another heated debate ongoing here

You pretty much get the overall picture. We later adjourned for lunch!

The table with Steph Khoo and some naughty naughty guys hee.

Notice the girl sitting at 12 o' clock, she's kinda important, the name's Zelda btw

the uncles and aunties! Excluding children and Steph Khoo of course

After a quick munch we had our very first GAMES session! The first bout was organized by Klang congregation. Oh I didn't mention that we were divided into our respective groups already. I had with me, David, Eliza, Phoebe, Jaslyn, Huey Li, Jon Ong, Medalene and Ee Gene!

awesome group!
We forced Ee Gene to be the group leader and named ourselves Team Alpha(sounds so armylike!). The games were just for ice-breaking and there wasn't much teamwork involved actually. Dinner was next and then a devotion by Bryant about Moses. Later on we had the theme message by bro Albert Koay about the cup of cold water and how much a simple thing can bring great effects that follow. Day 1 ended with some supper, chatting and well it was just another average day. Until we went to bed that is. Jon Ong couldn't stop asking us questions and talking about his coin craze during bed! One of us could beatbox in our sleep and the same snores aloud! Man, talk about rough nights!

Day 2
Rise and shine folks! Day 2 began with the usual breakfast of nasi lemak which I didn't touch. Unfortunately the other alternative was to eat bread which had a LONG queue and wait time due to the lack of toasters. Well, it was then MY turn to give the devotion. I spoke on Joseph and his example for us modern day youths.

Alvin: We also shouldn't envy our neighbours or brothers. For example if they had big houses, money, cars, girls(smiles and Timmy), bagpipes-
Alvin: Err..or nice coins..

Then came the dreaded 3 hour long lesson, which turned out to be fun! There was plenty of interaction among the youths and teacher, which was Unc. Kay Yeow. After lunch it was devotion, another lesson and then it's GAME TIME!

The second round of games was taken by the Lim Ah Pin(LAP) congregation. The first game we had to play was the sponge game. Pretty much works like all other sponge games. Get a wet sponge, place it in between two assigned body parts of you and your partner's, scramble across the field and squeeze out the remaining juice.

that would be butt to butt

Siamese twins are of no exception

The next game is called HAI DAI. Two people stand on opposite ends of a table and play scissors-paper-stone, the winner then starts by doing an arm movement and shouting HAI DAI! if the opponent performs the same action he loses and gets splashed by a cup of water, if it's a different action it's the opponents turn to shout HAI DAI and the cycle repeats!


Next was the cup game! There's a middle partition dividing the two teams and they have to form an arrangement such that the opposing team can't see who's holding the cup. On the count of 3, the partition is dropped and they have to shout the name of the person who's holding the cup. Get it right and you win! But you can't change cupbearers and after each round, one person is taken out of the group!

strategy session ongoing
"baby baby baby ohhh~"

I can't really remember if there was a fourth game or not but well, moving on! Dinner, devotion by Jia Meng and then another session of GAMES! It was kindly organized by the Park Crew and it was a night treasure hunt! A map with coordinates was given to us along with some torch lights. We had to scour the entire park for answers and write them down, at the same time prepare decorations for a Indian War Chief and Queen and choreograph a war dance! All within one hour, one short hour. The guys took off in search of answers in the field while the ladies stayed back to prepare the "clothes". Jon Ong came along and frankly speaking he wasn't of much help. 

Jon Ong: Hey I think I just stepped on a papaya.
Alvin: It's a starfruit.
Jon Ong: Hey I think I just stepped on another starfruit. Hey why are we walking here, it's so dark and we're stepping on starfruits. Hey, give me the torch light, you're not shining properly. Hey..

David: Guys we gotta find a plant that looks like cat's whiskers.
Guys: ................why is he shouting?

Well we didn't get all the answers but when we got back to dress us, it was AWESOMENESS!

Audrey's chronic face and Eugene's crazy expression, yep, that's crazy folks

 Indian War Chief ftw!

 Indeed, your lucky day it is..PASS THE PEACE PIPE!

The war dances were pretty cool and funny! Some groups had a bunch of cannibals, others sang kindergarten songs, one tried to mimic Shakira's Waka Waka and mine, well, we literally tried eating Jon Ong! Ern Shern's group bags my favourite of course! They started off with a floor thump and banging and then they all chant, 


HAHAHA totally epic! It was supposed to be WAR dance, not FOOD! And thus, Day 2 ends with a bang!

Day 3
The usual morning rituals, breakfast devotion and then lessons! This one was something new, we did a personality survey and it turns out I'm neutral, indecisive and non-analytical. Which is kinda true..well after our last lesson we had the final session of games too! This slot was taken by Ipoh and they did a GREAT job! First game my team played was the dirtiest, roughest, toughest bloodsport(literally) ever! Two teams send out their gladiators each, spinning 10 rounds about a bamboo stick sitting on the muddy terrain. At the count of three both "glide" over the rock and rubble to reach a designated sweet which hangs from a string WITHOUT lifting their butts off the ground. They then have to tussle and wrestle for the candy with their TEETH. Wild, savage, cavemen-like human characteristics manifested much in this battle for the...sweet. Well, I had an interesting encounter with Zelda(the earlier mentioned girl).


My lips are still kept pure and "virgin" okay? Haha, the next game was a weird one where we had to blow down candles by shouting a name! You only get one try though.

alright everybody, BOTTOMS UP!
 unglam moment for Joaneh, "how to blow?!!!"
The next game was a tough one, challenging I must say! We had to blow a balloon and poke a satay stick right through it! Not easy, trust me. Our group managed to do 3, and it was a test of wits and precision to the max!

the pro in action..clearly she has no halo..

 balloon massacre
Next up we had a chair-shifting game. We all had to stand on a row of chairs and pass them from one end to the other without getting down or falling off to reach the finish line. We were lagging behind the other team but somehow, David started passing down 2 chairs at once, and we caught up, overtook and emerged victorious!

 Eugene's group, our competitor

We then proceeded to play the duck-walk game. We all had to get down on our knees and duck walk across the field while each member grabs a piece of a puzzle, complete it, and duck walk back. While doing this we were sprayed and splashed with cups of cold water(OHH THE IRONY!).



Our strategy was to let the girls go first as they were tired and being in front, there was less distance to cover! Worked out well hehe.
The last game was also weird. Teams sent out pairs which spin 10 rounds back to back and then head over to the lipstick and one must "lipstick" the other while they say, "do you love me?" "YES I DO" while spinning around! Reaching to the end, they had to kiss a blank piece of paper and there goes the next pair.

look at the air time! 


After this last game we all gathered at the stage to perform the PUNISHMENT! It is tradition to mess up the game organizer every year and this year, we chose CALVIN from Ipoh! We smeared lipstick all over his face and painted it like the Mona Lisa!



After a wonderful and memorable games session we washed up for the GALA DINNER! It was a great night where everyone dresses up smart and pretty just for fun!

 The bunk 4 boys!

Joan, Marrissa and Krystle

 Eunice and I, aww don't cry!

 if you're wondering, yes that's a suit!

 Joaneh, Mrs Scandalous!

 see what I mean?

 Steph Khoo and I, she was the best dressed  for the night(DUH)

Myself, Ernest and Jonah, the 4 Seas buddies!

Jon Yang, Eliza(troll) and I

The SUJU twins!

the two trolls, one nice the other nasty!

After a hearty dinner and a good photo taking session, we had the long awaited TALENT NIGHT! Every year youths from all over Singapore and Malaysia display their Broadway prowess and Hollywood glam with live audience! We had 7 performances for the night of which, 5 were from Jurong lol.

The extremely entertaining emcee, Janelle, notice the head blurs
 Jia Meng with his beat boxing skeelz

 Eugene doing he does best, being lame.

 The Rose performed in full acapella!

A wild crowd asking for an encore! And they gave it by..

 A birthday song for Ee Ren and Yee Ren!

Then came LAP's time to shine. The younger youths took over the showmanship this time instead of the seasoned ones. They did a skit on a young chap getting his PSLE results, he did well but still not good enough for his demanding mother!
 "DOORS CLOSING! bebebebebebebe"
  "You know what is this? It's just a cup of cold water!"(THE IRONY!)
Last but not least was the combined performances from Klang, Ipoh, KK, Subang, Melaka or better known as UMS! It was the concept of super real 3D tvs, so real they appear in front of your eyes! Mine was a NatGeo skit where I scour the unknown lands with my trusty cameragirl, while observing a rare tree species, I come across a wild bunch of savages that do the Ern Shern dance! Having them noticed me, we scram out of the way as they chase after us!
We also had a Kit Kat advertisement, Wondergirls performance, AWESOME SUJU dance! a spelling competition too!
 "your bagpipe"
"your also bagpipe"
 Then came the highlight of the night, the talk show guest star JONATHAN ONGGGGGG!

 "So what do you have to say about football?"
*hold's Timmy*

He got really serious about it and then proceeded to preparing for the hour-long talk on economics and politics but was cut off halfway brilliantly by Tze Wei! Pity the poor guy lar. After an epic performance, we continued playing games and the usual YDP tradition of staying up the last night. Sadly Eliza had stomach woes and some fell prey to the lure of slumberland, as for me and my buddies, we PARTIED! 

 "omjiji omji omjiji omji omjiji omji!"

Basically it was games, games, games, singing, games games and more games! Man, the fun we had I can't describe in words! KO-ed at around 6 and was awoken by Krystle's invitation to breakfast. Soon the inevitable must come, the day of departure. Many hugs, more hugs and so many more hugs were unleashed during the last minutes we had together. It was truly another epic YDP as the year comes to a close. Credits to Unc Kay Yeow for being the steadfast organizer all these years!

Day 4
The end.

Till we meet again, God bless and TOOKI TOOKI!

In loving memory of Benjamin