Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm an angry person.

Please, be tactful?

Please be nice?

I know my blog's the sad target of my fury, sadness and grief. Hopefully this will all change.

Friday, February 11, 2011

What is my life now?

It's in ruins.

Torn in pieces.

Left in desolation.

Cluttered with mess.

Derailed out of momentum.

Dangling by a rope, hoping only that one day..

I'll make my return,

 to calm the storm behind the smile.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

We've come a long way but sadly the road ends here. There's much sorrow in my heart as I decide to take this step and choose this path but I deem it best for the both of us. Thanks for the most beautiful memories I've ever had in my life.

no looking back now..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Penjara Sunway

 So then, here am I again back in college surrounded by my books.


Well, no one said life is a bed of roses and the road to getting a good, stable job ain't going to be easy. It seems I've gotta put in more effort, step on the accelerator even harder, pump in more gas, burn the midnight oil more, sacrifice more(if possible ALL) DotA and the list never ends. College life has been a great experience for me, meeting awesome people and having a great time with friends. College life has also been a great stress factor for me as I have to achieve a certain goal or else I would have burned thousands of Ringgit here in less than 2 years. Amazing huh how much these 2 years can actually change the entire course of my life. For those of you reading this, please pray for me that I won't go nuts and stay sane! I now understand what it takes to be at the achiever's zone in academic excellence and with that knowledge comes a choice, whether or not to stay there or not. With each choice comes their own pros and cons, and weighing the two won't be an easy task. Nothing is impossible for with God, ALL things are possible. Amen.

I will achieve greatness one day, Lord willing

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

2010 has come and gone.

Looking back I see how fast this year zoomed past me.

3 weeks in Singapore, 6 months slacking and 6 months in college. It just happened way too fast for me.

But there were some people, many in fact who made the journey through this milestone of my life a memorable one, the top 10 best companions of 2010!

Christine Lim
One of my oldest and best friends out there, you've been my true friend and I'm in eternal debt to your family for their kind hospitality during my stay here. From year to year you never fail to remind myself how lucky I am to have such a person in my life. I am grateful for the times we've spend together, all these years being friends together have been a life-changing experience literally and especially for me. Shall we honour our promises and friendship so long as the both of us shall live!

Joan Lee
You put the most colour in my life, being the jolly and jovial person you are. It's been my pleasure all this while to be your friend ever since we we're young kids. You really showed me what it is to be stern, strict, firm and forceful. Though you've been through many challenges in your life, you still continue to be a tower of power and smile even though deep inside there's a boiling tempest waiting to be unleashed, and you do unleash it, on me! Our friendship has helped me redefine the word sincerity, through your fine example. I miss the long phone calls and insane ramblings from your laser mouth! God bless you!

Eunice Quay
It still shocks me to think you're 16, as you're so matured and wise at such a tender age. We've been awesome friends for a  healthy 4 years now and I'm glad I kepo-ed Mei Mae and you while we were at 2008 YDP! I after all have always wondered who was the mysterious lady in the green top. For the times I've failed to be your friend and to disfigure the surface of our friendship, I hope you'll forgive me. Looking back we've been through so much, the long chat hours, skype dates, Sunway outings, church camps, and so much more. You're a great person I look up to and may we continue to be best friends as we walk together with God!

Sue Yinn
Though we've met a mere 7 months ago, it seems as though we've known each other for years now. It's been a great blessing to have met such a special person in college. I'm grateful for your time, your patience, your tolerance and effort in putting up with my nonsense all these 7 months in college, hopefully I'll obtain your pardon for all the trouble I've put you in haha! We've spent plenty of time doing fun stuff and I especially remember the trip to Ampang Lookout Point which has been my favourite and most memorable moment with you. Glad you came into my life, don't walk out anytime soon alrights? Stay awesome!

I may not be as close to you as Joan or Christine, but Krys you still are one of my best friends! What I love about you most is that you're witty. So witty that you make the wittiest people look not witty! You're fun and fun-loving, and I really really enjoy your massages. Continue to be angelic(0:D) and stay steadfast in the Lord as we continue running this Christian race together. I am resolved to get to know you a whole lot better this 2011, we'll see how much progress I make alright? Perhaps I'll preach in Klang one day, if it so seems that your dad wishes me to!

Oi, you budak gila! How long already have we been friends, I can't even keep track of when we first met and what we did when we were young besides playing Red Alert and Heroes of Might and Magic haha! You're a great friend to me and a crazy crapper for those times that we need crazy crappers. Usually LATE for scheduled appointments, but when you strut in your noise and glittering teeth bling drowns the crowd with awesomeness. Stay awesome dude and God bless.

I count myself extremely fortunate to cross paths with you. Ever since you studied in MMU I've had the privilege of knowing you and really I'm glad to have met someone great like you. For now as you face challenges in your life, I continue to hope and pray you'll stay strong and power through these trials while juggling your time between studies and family needs. You're a great inspiration to me and a beloved sister in Christ, God bless you Jess!

You my dear friend, are the funniest human I've ever met. There's not one time that I don't laugh when I meet you! I especially enjoy your jokes and mind boggling games and also your ARRR~! sensation! You've brought plenty of joy and fun into my life and I will continue repaying you in kind by the giving you prawn rolls! Hope we continue to stay good friends!

You're a fine example of what a guy should be like. Devout, hardworking, caring, witty, brilliant. Zo Ei is indeed a lucky girl! I look up to you always as a role model and I hope you continue to walk close to God and be his servant as you live! Thanks for "renting" your room out to me when I needed it haha!

Qian Wen
Funny how you end up being mentioned here but really, you've been a fun person to be with and tease! You're overly cute personality will make those rabbits of yours scream in jealousy! I've enjoyed the times we've spent together doing all sorts of ridiculous things especially dancing and you purposely bumping to me! HAHA! Will see you soon Qian!

If I did not mention you, it doesn't mean you're not special. It's just not your turn (:

Now, welcome 2011.