Friday, May 21, 2010

Time and time again

Trust me, life passes so slowly when you're a slacker. It seems everything around you moves at the speed of snail. You wake up and do your daily slacker routines, carrying out the morning rituals and moving on to taking lunch(yes I do wake up that late) and hopping onto your computer, clicking Home on Facebook to see if there's anything interesting going on. Later when someone else decides it's their turn to use the computer you zoom up a flight of stairs into your bedroom to get a small workout or the heavenly afternoon nap. By the time you're done with those weights or waking up, dinner is served and down you go those stairs again. Same thing, hopping onto the pc to check out if anyone's interested for a game of DotA. Moving from one game to the other, you find yourself being spammed with "you there?" on MSN and thus begins the chatting cloister. taptaptaptaptaptaptap goes your keyboard till the wee hours of the morning where you decide it's time to get some proper shuteye and once again, the cycle repeats itself.

Sad life huh?

I drove my mom's car. Yes I did, with her in it of course. Had some failure moments getting out of junctions and up slopes due to the extremely sensitive clutch of hers. But compared to the Kancil which I drove for the exam and lessons, the Myvi was MUCH MUCH more powerful, pumping in speed and juice into the wheels like Jerry running from Tom. Almost hit a car or two and mati enjin many a couple of times. All is well that ends well, we finally got back to the house in one piece.

Then again, time flies when you're having fun. Yesterday marked the end of Jessica's study time in Melaka as her foundation course ended. We went for lunch at Wok and Pan and had some really tasty cake at Nadeje. 9.50 a slice yo! Had a goooooood dinner at Capitol though we had to queue up for a really long time. Surprisingly, we met Vevon there too! Jessica's room mate who's moving out of Melaka.

Everyone's getting out of Melaka eh? Jonah, and soon it's gonna be my turn.

A whole new world awaits me out there.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



These were the beautiful big words written on the back of my exam paper. Yup, I passed my driver's license, now that I am a legitimate and qualified driver, you may start seeing me pop up in places you'd least expect. I don't mean bars and pubs mind you. Tough, I must say. I was the 30th student to take the test and we took turns to complete the circuit rounds and the road route. Well, I did get a bit of scolding from my tester but who cares? HOORAY FOR PASS!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

oh no D:

driving test today, let's hope I don't spontaneously drift :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Before I forget, this post is for you nic :)

Happy birthday and may God bless ya!

For your entertainment =)


Do we really look alike?


Counting back those times.

It's been such a long time since I've blogged recently and there's so much that's worth writing here, so I guess we'll revisit the times I've missed out :)

Starting with,

St Francis Institution's prize-giving ceremony!

yup, go ahead and admire those handsome faces

The guys assembled at school at around 3.30 in the afternoon while waiting for the teachers and performers to gear up. As usual, we had the band playing us a number and for some reason, they left out the 24-season drummers. My buddies and I hogged the back row as usual while waiting for our cue to receive our prizes presented by our very own parents :D

The very next day, the SFI Old Boys dinner was held at the school quadrangle. Once more, a bunch of handsome guys dressed up for the big night. It's a homecoming for those REALLY REALLY old boys and a little reunion for the class of 2009.

once more, take your time to admire the handsome faces :D

We broke the attendance record by reaching almost a 100 tables that night. As usual, there was lotsa booze, yamseng-ing and drunk old men going round spilling their beer and vomit on others.

During my recent Klang trip, I coincidentally attended the YCF/YQD which was held in the Klang church building.

nice and big crowd eh?

The food was awesome! What more the fellowship? Joan brought her school friend and my ex-wife Joey along for the event and Cedric, Justin, Levi and 2 other friends turned up as special VIPs for the night. We had a lesson by the one and only ONG EE REN! We then proceeded with some singing by Bob and the guy youths including me.

"eh, any song suggestions?"
"191! 191! 191!"

The night ended with the whole bunch playing YDP games. We began with Watermelon, I guess it's the simplest game we have :P we then had bunny ears and ping-piang-ah to end the night with. However, the game had the best punishments EVER! With each mistake, we had to stuff 3 chocolate fudge pieces into our mouth! Yummieh :)

Last but not least, the BK students of '09 had our reunion at DP!

aww, why the serious faces?

thaaat's better :)

Jonah, Johannan, Daniel, Esther, Kay Lyn and I assembled at Big Apple and had a small chit chat before heading over to GSC for Iron Man 2! Yup, it indeed was a great movie and we all had a good time catching up and touching the two botaks hair :D Jonah and I then left for Subang after the movie as we were attending the Evangelism Seminar held at Subang Jaya COC. We somehow got lost around KK area and almost got hit by an oncoming car :P anyway, I spent the night at Christine's place while Jonah put up at Kevin's. The seminar was a blast! There was so much laughter and plenty of inspiring talks which made it an eventful day. We then adjourned for lunch and celebrated Bro. Charlie's birthday.

I guess that's all I have for now, till we meet again!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alrighties, time to answer those questions :)

Eujin asked,
3ujin: wah its an honour to be the first one to interrogate u. haha. ok my question is, do u have a crush on sumone rite now? =P

The answer is, NO I don't have a crush on someone! Hard to believe? Well, that's up to you!

Eunice Quay asked,
eunicequay: if you could choose to be called any name other than your current name, WHAT WOULD IT BE : D

The answer is OPTIMUS PRIME! no lah, I actually like my current name so I'll stick to it :D

Yen Yen asked,
Yen Yen/Jolene: oh man, so many questions...but i'll ask one that will make or break. i expect the truth okay? :) why are you STILL friends with me? Hah, sounds simple BUT...honest opinion!

Good question! Well Jo, how can I not be friends with you? You're sporting, cheerful, intelligent with a great sense of humour and a really kind soul. I don't have a reason not to be friends with you, so we might as well continue being friends :D

now that we're done with that, I'll be posting more in the days to come! cya then!