Thursday, January 6, 2011

Penjara Sunway

 So then, here am I again back in college surrounded by my books.


Well, no one said life is a bed of roses and the road to getting a good, stable job ain't going to be easy. It seems I've gotta put in more effort, step on the accelerator even harder, pump in more gas, burn the midnight oil more, sacrifice more(if possible ALL) DotA and the list never ends. College life has been a great experience for me, meeting awesome people and having a great time with friends. College life has also been a great stress factor for me as I have to achieve a certain goal or else I would have burned thousands of Ringgit here in less than 2 years. Amazing huh how much these 2 years can actually change the entire course of my life. For those of you reading this, please pray for me that I won't go nuts and stay sane! I now understand what it takes to be at the achiever's zone in academic excellence and with that knowledge comes a choice, whether or not to stay there or not. With each choice comes their own pros and cons, and weighing the two won't be an easy task. Nothing is impossible for with God, ALL things are possible. Amen.

I will achieve greatness one day, Lord willing

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