Monday, August 17, 2009

Report 18/8

I guess many of you have been wondering where I have been for the past few days, being absent from school for a week and have not been attending badminton games and of course, DotA matches.
Well, it's been a tough time for me and my family dealing with dengue fever and the symptoms that come with it and sadly, this viral infection doesn't allow me to study while it rules my body so, I've been pretty left out in terms of study ): I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail this coming trial exams so I'll try to do what I can to prepare myself for the coming 'red marks of glory' :)

It all began on a Sunday morning where I couldn't tahan my soaring temperatures, so I woke my mom up and she got freaked out when she touched my head. Going to the doctor itself was a challenge coz I had to walk down 2 flights of stairs, which proved to be much of a challenge to me.
The doctor was pretty useless actually, he just took my temperature, 39*C and told me to go home, take panadol and rest. Nothing on H1N1 and nothing else. He didn't even give me school leave!
So, for the next few days, I endured many pains and difficulties, one of which was that I was not allowed to eat any fried foods or ICE CREAM. I had 'mee sua' and porridge for 6 days in a row. Torture it was I tell you but it was worth it. Everyday, I took about 10 pills and drank tonnes of water and other 'cooling agents'. So, here I sit in front of the 'idiot box' completely disobeying my mom's orders of keeping it shut away >:D after all, I do owe all of you a blog post on my wild sickness. Another bad thing was that I missed school for a week, which means missing out on studies and sports and friends and laughter and DotA discussions and all that sort. Fun. Fun which can only be found in friends and likes of them. Oh well, today's my last day of holiday(next week begins the REAL holidays :D) and I will be returning to my alma mater tomorrow.

Till then, cya! (:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It burns..

As many of you guys know, I've been suffering from a bad viral fever for the past few days ): on some nights the temperatures soared to almost beyond 40*C and really I had a bad baaad time fighting the fever. It still haunts me until today though but I'm feeling much better.
So, here's a shoutout too all of you who have temankan me during my 3 day ordeal!

Biggest thanks to my mom who has took time off her work just to tend to my needs and also to those who've accompanied me, Christine, Eunice, Jess and Joan (:

Will be back in school on Thurs hopefully

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Ah, it's been a long while since I last blogged, so to give a summary of the things that has happened recently, we'll start from..

1. Took part in the INTI I-challenge finals and emerged as champions from the bottom
2. Attended worship in Subang and ate the BEST CHURCH LUNCH EVA!
3. Taught the Gospel to ma buddy
4. Fought with Yih Ting...AGAIN
5. Got hired as a tour guide with laksa as salary
6. Participated in a national level Bible Quiz and got a trophy! *claps*

I guess it's time for me to take things seriously, sooo..don't expect too many posts and msn onlines ): maybe at night or on weekends only..
Happy nerding to all!