Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back from break :P

Yeah I took a break from blogging :P so, to continue where i stopped(as someone so gladly suggested) i'll briefly state what I've been doing lately.

1. Went for the most awesome YDP ever. The slope was ownage but I loved the fellowship and as usual, the awesome singing.
2. I officially have a new computer which allows me to DotA 24/7 without the fear of crashing.
3. Went for a 200km expedition to Port Dickson on my Nexus.

As my fingers terjangkit the laziness disease already, I will update on the PD expedition only. NO COMPLAINTS ALLOWED :D

So a bunch of 5 guys, Leroy, Eu Lee, Gin Shen, Xianyi and myself decided that our legs will rot if we don't go somewhere far during the holidays. Thus, we all came to a unanimous vote that we'll head off for Port Dickson(PD) on the 6th of Joan.
Starting from Bei Zhan, we went to Eu Lee house via Klebang route and began the expedition. We were supposed to begin at 7.30 but due to heavy rain and strong winds we could only start at 9 something ):

Yup, PD is 75 km from this place, which we cycled 15 km to reach.

So we cycled and cycled and cycled and cycled and cycled till the cows came home. Literally. we passed through a kampung area(credits go to Leroy's GPS) where the roads where INFESTED WITH COWDUNG. Trust me, I can tell you that it's not nice seeing your beautifully polished bike being splashes all over with poo and faeces. We stopped by at petrol stations and makan shops to top up our tummies with supplies and our tires with air along the way.
Eventually we reached Eagle Ranch Resort(ERR) at around 2pm where Leroy and Eu Lee let loose their animalistic instincts and dived into the pool immediately.
We booked 2 tepees after much calculation and brainstorming :P

Yup, that's me chilling out with Xianyi in the room.
After we had our well-deserved break, our tummies did the shouting and we heeded the calling. To my surprise, the town is located 20km from ERR. So, being guys with guts and adventure boiling our our blood we decided to visit the beaches and town area.

Ahh yes, the infamous Poser King does what he does best. Posing :P
After lunch, SOME SMART FELLA WITH A BRIGHT IDEA suggested we head into town to order pizza. Why cycle all the way when you can call?!!! Thus began the 20km journey into town in search of Pizza Hut =.=" trust me it was extremely tiring after cycling 85km from Melaka.
After the most bone-breaking, muscle-stressing, sweat-drenching, eye-popping, gut-wrenching, ice-cream tempting cycle back to the resort, we enjoyed our well-deserved dinner in simplicity and darkness. Yes we ate outside without any lights :D
While the boys went to chill at the pool, I decided to hang out in the tepee and chat with SOMEONE. But for some reason I don't know why I was denied that opportunity )_: anyway, we had a good sleep later and woke up early the next morning for breakfast.
I don't know why but this place is crawling with geese and ducks.

I got chased by one of them after attempting to make them swim in the nearby lake :P
So after checking out, we had a final group pic and headed back to lovely Melaka.