Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KL trip report!

Aieesh, time flies when you're having fun, really it does. 5 days ago I took a bus up to KL and 5 days later I've done(AND SPENT) so much. Life is good, after SPM that is (:

My bus left the station at around 8.30 and surprisingly, it reached the shores of Shah Alam at approximately 10.18 am and I sms-ed Christine at 10.13 telling her I just passed the toll and she replied I'll be at the station in 15 mins time. The following conversation took place at 10.19

Alvin: *ring ring* Hello? Christine ah, I reached the station already.
Christine: ???!!!
Alvin: Yeah, I'm at the station now..
Christine: ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111...WHAT?
Alvin: You can come pick me up now.
Christine: Ok ok I come now..

Shortly after we left for Sunway Pyramid where we we're welcomed by Eunice, Christine, Allan, Krystle, Joan, Mun Wai, Ern Shern, Bryant and Patrick at the skating counter. For some reason, the shoes we're really tight that day and my feet hurt all the way but nonetheless we all had a great time skating. Wanted to do a 'train' but the skater guard didn't allow us to *sad face* soon returned home for some good rest and DOTA! Totally pwned everything, I mean EVERYTHING that stood in our way right sam? xD we then went for some mamak at a newly opened shop and watched MU vs Aston Villa live. Sad to say MU wasn't on their best that day as they lost 0-1 to Villa. Poor poor Fergie.

After a very refreshing 4 hours of sleep, I went to the spanking new Kota Kemuning Church for worship. The bible class was conducted by Bro Tee on the lesson of overcoming trials and temptations. Sermon that morning was by Bro Lim Chan Koon, a very good lesson on becoming a Christian leader. Headed to some shop called We Take??! for lunch where they served a delicious serving of German Pork Leg and tofu :D later in the evening, we all went to pick Joanie up from the KTM station and went to the Fatty something something mee hook kueh shop for dinner. The best bowl of mee hooh kueh EVER I must say! We paid a visit to Bro John Quek;s house to pick up some bowls for the church. As expected, it was a nice and cosy place and we were greeted by both Ashley and Aevyn, oh yes I do remember you Aevyn xD

As planned, Joan, Christine and I decided to go to the gym for a good workout. We took a 30 minute walk and we we're denied entrance to the gym! The counter lady was like super strict and was flaming us all the way. So much for losing weight and getting 6 pax :p Sam kindly picked us up for lunch at a nearby food court and then we played chor tai di for like almost 2 hours! I personally made an achievement by winning 3 rounds *clap clap* Sam then ferried us to the KTM station where we met up with Bryant. Later that night I played DotA with Bry's friends as silentfarter92 not b0rnAlukard or DoWN^Divinity_| and these we're their reactions,

Kenny: To the person who is playing Bryant's character, we wanna rematch later..
Danny: This is not Bryant playing for sure..
Bryant: This is Joan playing la! xD

All in all, we had a good game and retired to bed later.

Another very eventful day unfolded as the gang once more headed over to Sunway Lagoon for a splashing good time together! Chye Leng, Joan, Bryant, Daryl, Ern Shern, Justin and Cedric met at around 10 or 11 and got our tickets. Christine then joined us (: the wet park was AWESOME! We rented 2 single tubes and 2 double tubes and headed over to the surf beach to get wet. We did all sorts lah, flipped tubes over, stacked tubes, joined them to make a raft, played the 'horseshoe' game and other maniacal stuff. Later, we decided to head on to the dry park for some thrills spills. Our first ride, a gigantic banana-shaped boat which travels 360* round it's axle. To be frank, I had some bad experiences with this monster but this time I simply had too much fun screaming my lungs out and yelling! xD we later went for other rides like super-fast-moving-cups, roller coasters, water slides, river rapids and the GIANT MAN-EATING SNAKE! This was the mother of all slides there, seriously you'd missed out too much if you have never sat on this baby in your life! The 'boat' took us up about 50 or 60 metres and zoomed us down so fast you couldn't finish yelling MOMMMIEE by the time you got down! Chye Leng later raced me to the water slide as one time for wasn't enough for adventure people like us xD Well, we all just had too much fun there I must say. Dinner at McD and a movie that night to end the day. Christine, Ern Shern and I couldn't join the rest for the movie as we had a cell group to attend in KK. Great songs, lessons and food I must say. I managed to meet the UBERCUTE David(uncle Yeow Kong's son) and he called me kong kong! Such a cutie la that little fella! Aunty Lily kindly fetched me back to Joan's place after the meeting.

Woke up late with a bengkak on my left knee and my right heel. Nothing much happened today, McD for lunch and here I am blogging while watching Joan snooze off on Bryant's bed (:

After all is said and done, I truly had a good time and there's more to come!
Will post the pictures soon :D


Friday, December 11, 2009

Thingsyoushouldhaveknownbutyoudidntsoimpostingthemnow 2

Ok peeps, back for episode 2!

1. Biker gang trip 1
Once again, the SFI crazy bikers hit the roads of Melaka! A small group of 4 comprising of Jonah, Gin Shen, Eric and myself decided to take a cruise of about 25-30km from Melaka town to Tanjung Bidara on the 9th of December. With my spanking brandnewsizzlinghawt bike(dang) we went to visit some houses at 5.30 am in the morning where everyone was asleep LOL. Well we eventually stopped by at Joel's place for a nice mamak breakfast and borak session (:

Pictures here!

2. Biker gang trip 2
Annnnd once again, another small group of 5 decided that biking in the morning pretty much sucks(some of them hate sunlight) so we opted to cycle at night :D Leroy Bryan, Eu Lee, Eric, Hui Jie and myself dominated the roads of Ayer Keroh on the 8th of December. The trip was more or less 30-35km and was of course dang fun! We even entered a scary, dark place where Leroy's handphone suddenly went off with a freaky screaming sound(CURSE YOU!). Stopped by Bukit Beruang for a mamak dinner and left for home!

3. My new duuude
Yup, new dudes. We rock xD
Well this new guy is all thanks to the effort of Jessica bringing him to church that day. Eujin as he is called is one freggin kewl duuuude. He Dotas, he watches bleach, he's not a nerd, he's sporting.
He's a DUDE.

We were the loudest group that Sunday, berboraking the whole time during the break and after worship. Well they(jess and him) had a nice long wait while the meeting was going on but we headed for Jonker Walk for some chicken rice ball! As usual, the delicious rounded mini boulders tasted good and we indeed had a good time. Will look forward to meeting him again!
Thanks Jess :D

4. MPD for hire!
Multi-purpose dude(MPD) Alvin Lee is now up for hire! He is capable of being a tour guide, playing DotA like a maniac, (WINDOW) shopping, mamak kaki, mahjong kaki, borak kaki, BIKING KAKI, phone buddy, fake boyfriend, actor and etc. BOOK HIM NOW!*
call 017-6282832 for further details :D

*terms and conditions apply :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thingsyoushouldhaveknownbutyoudidntsoimpostingthemnow 1

Well well, SPM is officially over and my blog is officially alive now. It's only fair to you readers for me to keep you updated on the things I've been up to for the past month or so (:

1. New(and smexy) bike!
Yes you heard it loud and clear, Alvin Lee has gotten himself a lovely new ride!

Nexus Xenic [: blue+silver

Hydroformed alloy frame with dual disc brakes and Scud double wall wheels

Made in China rear light with DeFender mudguard and MVR saddle pack

Fox aluminum bar ends with Topeak front pouch and LED high powered front light
(fixed up my speedometer today btw)

Oh yes, it's a good buy and I'm loving my new ride very much. I take her for a spin everyday and polish the frames nice and clean. WOOTS!

2. Brand new computer coming!
Yeahhh babeh, new HP desktop coming next Monday. I guess it's time for a DotA marathon *evil grins* all packed with the latest OS, Windows 7 and 500GB memory added with 2GB SDRAM. Yup, sounds like a DotA machine to me (:<

3. Up and coming KL trip!

Yup, as usual I'll be making my trip up to KL for a small visit. Will put up in Christine's house and jump over to Joan's for the rest of the week. Might stay on till YDP and take the Klang bus down to Johor [: andandand, I've planned with my almightayy Clan Lord, the awesome b0rn|Skeelz *faints* to have a DotA fiesta at home. I guess I'll be needing a computer, who shall I ask...hmm :/ *brainstorms*
Anyway, hope to see you guys at the Sunway trip we've planned, do keep in touch till then and YDP :D

4. Appearance in Singapore drama!

This might sound very stupid but yes, I did appear in a new Singapore drama that is showing NOW on channel 8, Singapore tv! The show, Together has a whole new story line to tell(which I have no clue whatsoever it is about) and many famous actors and actresses, which I was able to meet first hand teehee [:
For example..

The lovely Jeanette Aw(she reminds me of my mod maths teacher :D)

Catch me on episode 1 of the drama series around the part where Jeanette is being extorted of her money at a 'bookshop' by a mob of gangsters. Yes, I acted as a gangster (:

Will update more in the coming post!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The almighty SPM is finally OVER! Time to burn the books and crucify the teachers! Nah, that's too communist for me. Anyway I'm officially so free now, so free that I practically have NOTHING to do. So if you have something in mind, if you need a tour guide, if you need a dota kaki, if you need a lamp post, if you need a dustbin to throw your food in and if you need a borak kaki just drop me a message! :D