Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taylor's University College Trip!

Me and my school buddies had a whole lotta fun today when we paid(yeah 10 bucks) a visit to Taylor's University College in Subang Jaya. Our trip started off at 7 a.m when our bus left for the venue. We then joined the MGSS school bus which was waiting for us at the toll. Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly by Mr. Michael Yii and an unknown pretty lady (: we then had some talks and lectures about courses and study skills. Soon after, we were divided into groups and played an Explorace game which required us to hunt for answers around the campus. Tired and hungry, we had our FREE lunch in the cafeteria. There was a bit of drama as SOMEONE apparently greeted me but sadly I didn't hear her(guys, I REALLY REALLY didn't) and completely and totally ignored her. Of course, the usual boos, blaas and aiyoos came from the guys. As a man, I, of course apologized (: With our stomachs filled....we took off to Sunway Pyramid! It was interesting to see how ALL the girls brought extra clothing and changed before departure. Culture shock (:

We had 3 hours to 'cuci mata'( i dont know what that means) and hang around. Joel met up with his cuzzie, Elaine and the rest of her gang, consisting of pineapple girl, Esther, Shir Ling and ermm..Elaine? Anyway, we walked aimlessly around, did some window shopping and disturbed people for 3 hours.

After all is said and done, I certainly had fun today! My apologies once more for not greeting pineapple girl, she seemed a bit emo -.-

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