Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Driver's Ed

Yep, yesterday marked a milestone in my life as it was the first time I got behind the wheels of a car and actually drove it! It was quite an exhilarating experience to mess around with the clutch and brakes and making my instructor go WOI! PERLAHAN LA BOY! :D


I had some problems steering corners coz I remembered the way Sam drove his car. It somehow tempted me to steer extra quick, resulting in the car "eating up" the other lane. Other than that, I enjoyed taking joy rides round the circuit just for fun without my instructor's knowledge

And yes I know someone's looking for this *winkwink*

:D :D


March blues

It's been such a long long time since my last post and now, I have so much to catch up with D: first and foremost, for those of you who don't know and don't believe, yes it's true I did score straight A's for my SPM. There was too much celebration and excitement in the hall that none of us managed to snap any pictures of the jubilant atmosphere. I managed to pakat with my cousin who also scored straight A's to makan besar at Renaissance Melaka Hotel in celebration of our results.

raja and pemaisurinya

yummy food :D

the whole gang

Moving on, last week was simply one of the best weeks of my life as I spent time with Timmy, Jon Yang and Eliza the hairy troll when they came to Klang. After Jon Yang left for Singapore, I stayed on with Timmy and Eliza in Joan's place, having fun and bonding with them so close that it hurt me so much to see them leave on their last day. I miss you guys so much and I really hope to meet soon, so do make a trip up this coming June yeah? :D


We spent a lot of time talking, and getting to know each other better. Watching movies(AND GLEE) till the wee hours of the morning. Having pillow talks and sharing our tales and adventures. I do enjoy the quality time and memorable moments we had together during this one week. Btw Timmy, don't forget to bring more seaweed next time :P


Birthday posts! First up, we have Krystle!
I've yet to know her too well and the same goes for her, but as she said, we're trying (:
as for now...I know that...

she is one of the "Flower Girls"(DUH)

she likes burying people alive

she is talented in mimicking facial expressions

she aspires to be Jane

she is as scandalous as Joan, although nowhere near

and she may one day take Arsie's place :D

Happy birthday Krystle! We'll get to know each other better in due time! God bless C:

We also have...


Aihh, what can I say about this girl. There's just too much for me to write in one post, so I'll just have to say all that I can in 10 sentences.

1. She helped me see the world through her eyes
2. She calls me ahpek
3. She knows all my secrets
4. She likes pinching cheeks(evidence below)
5. She eats three times my normal portion
6. She never grows fat
7. She's absurdly brilliant
8. She has been the closest friend I have since I knew her
9. She does not allow me to pay for her meals
10. She belongs to Joan and me

As I previously said,

she likes pinching cheeks..

very much..

as we all clearly know, she's one of the flower girls too :D

happy birthday Christine.
I know this is a short post, but if I were to write all I can about you,
even the skies won't suffice,
the hours won't last,
my fingers will break.

you're my most wonderful friend.
God bless you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lovin' life as it should

Have been enjoying my past few days in Klang with Joan and Bryant along with LAP youths, Jon Yang, Eliza and Timotheus. And I must say, I'm going broke soon even after getting a token of congrats from my grandma D: as usual, we had a Sunway outing where we were joined with Patrick, Krystle, Christine, Cedric, Justin and Ern Shern. After gathering the group up, we headed to Mr Teppanyaki for lunch and skating, as usual and once more, I failed to execute the reverse skate perfectly ))): I was busy practising and I didn't notice that everyone else has left the rink. Lo and behold, I didn't notice Christine was knocking on the glass panel beside me and asking me to get out ))): we went for Starbucks then where Ern Shern kindly treated the ladies for a cuppa coffee, and we gave Joanie her b'day gift which was a volleyball signed on by everyone :D while the others had their own stuff to do and tuition to attend, poor Christine had to wait for her bro to come pick her up. Looking into her pitiful eyes, how la can I not accompany her? xD well, we went for Sakae Sushi where we had the best of what the menu can offer, sashimi, soft-shell crabs and whatever we wished for :P we then took a good walk to the cinema where we got 2 tickets for Alice in Wonderland which turned out to be quite a boring movie in our opinion. Instead of focusing on the movie, Chris was more keen on correcting my 'lady-like' sitting position :P after shopping we headed to the main entrance to wait for Sam and what a surprise it turned out to be when I met up with Kin Mun and Joel Chua along with their gang of 'straight-A's' students. As they headed for Tony Romas we headed for home after a long and tiring day C:

I'm waiting for Timo to wake up now btw = =" pigg.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Here it is again, the 8th of March :D I'll always remember this day as the birthday of the almighty Joan of Arc! So, here's to a friend of mine who's been my buddy through my adolescence (:

First of all she's..

one of the "Flower Girls"

She's also..

glamorous 8D




get's lost easily :P

Also, she

loves hugging trees!


loves cute dogs :D


also loves Ronald McDonald! :D :D


is much of a poser as we are (:


is an air stewardess?

Mind you, she..

gets bullied often by bigger boys ;)


calls me ahpek!!

Besides that, she..

was fortunate to be in my YDP group :D

Last but not least..she's..

a wonderful friend to me (:

Happy birthday my dear Joan,
may God bless and keep you always.


I personally don't know what KPP stands for but I know it means a 5-hour long lecture which I sat for today. I was boring, that's all I can say about it and 5 hours is a pretty long time for a guy like me who can't keep his fingers still for a minute :P

Expect a post on the 8th (:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

who i really am

this article describes my personality 99% correct. i'm amazed..

You can usually spot an ESFp with a big smile on their face. They like to give the appearance of “welcoming” others in. ESFps enjoy making friends with everyone, even approaching shy people, getting them out of their shell. They enjoy telling jokes and spreading warmth. ESFps generally have balanced, well-coordinated movements. Some ESFps have more of a waddle when they walk.

Trust and understanding are big to the ESFp. They never try to judge people’s feelings or criticize them, but dishonesty is something that they won’t tolerate. ESFps may not show praise outright or shower people with excessive attention, but they believe more in feelings being understood, and want people to respect a general, moral code. They sometimes show appreciation very subtly; either confusing some people or making them feel accepted. ESFps don’t like to invade other people, so they go ahead in approaching their feelings cautiously.

Sometimes, when too much pressure is put on the ESFp, they can be overly obsessed about missing something, and can even worry that they are stereotyping people when they are really not, so they try their best to keep as many options open as they can. Impulsiveness can also take over them. You can see them bouncing around from one thing to the next; whatever sparks their interest at the time.

There are also the more laid back ESFps. These ESFps seem to be more focused on themselves, and their image; they are somewhat more of the lower-energy ESFps, yet still extraverts. Don’t be fooled by their ability to draw attention to themselves, though, they still care deeply about other people, but like all ESFps, don’t feel much of a need to show it. This may be why some ESFps can be seen as arrogant, or even cruel at times. They only point out the negative things, believing that the positive should just be more common sense, and see no need to draw attention to them. In some extreme cases, ESFps can start to push away because of the lack of morals they see around them; this is a very rare case, however.

Too much painstaking work can often be tiring to ESFps. They can be frustrated at times and ask themselves, “Why am I so dumb?” when they let things get out of hand. The reality is not that they are dumb, but can lack patience or confidence in this area. When it comes to work, they would prefer rules and a set of facts or notes that they can memorize. This kind of thinking can lead them into business related jobs, or into medical fields.

Although they have a strong social drive, above all else, they can still be seen needing time apart from people. In times like these, they prefer to listen in on more of the deeper conversations. ESFps can also be attracted to creative design, such as fashion or art. Because of their skills, ESFps can rise to more of the ambassadors of their social groups, even leaders, when it comes to finding and trying new and interesting things to do.