Monday, September 28, 2009

Belut pulang ke lubuknya

Yep, back home once more after a tiring but enjoyable trip to KL. I was lucky enough to be housed by the great Mei Mae who just returned from her long honeymoon in Singapore. Y'know she went for shopping and guess what she came back with. Nothing but FOOD. There were Roller Coaster Party Packs, Cheezels, chips of all sorts and tonnes of biscuits. Aiyoh, since last year she has been saying "I want to lose weight laaah" but sadly words speak louder than actions for her.
Great news guys, I'm officially qualified to teach you fellas on how to date and find a future spouse!
Had my courtship lessons by Bro Peter Chin in DU on Saturday
By the way, I wasn't supposed to be there, but thankfully Eunice sms-ed me last minute and told me a class was going on, so I dropped by and paid a visit.

Alvin : *Opens door* May I join you guys?
Bro Peter : Oh Alvin, nice to have you here. Yes you may if you promise to be nice to us.
Alvin : Oh sure I promise *smiles*
Eunice : *jaw drops*

That pretty much summarizes what happened in the first 10 seconds of the class.
Later on that night, I attended a class on parenting and communicating with teenagers. This class was NOT designed for people of my age group but I learnt a thing or two. Managed to meet Chloe(remember her? she's one of the professional artists that drew a portrait of me) and other DU members.
That's Saturday for you guys.

Sunday morning, woke up, brushed teeth and mandi kerbau-ed(the water was VERY VERY cold). I followed Mei Yean and Alvin Goh(quality product from SFI) to church to prepare the Lord's Supper but ended up talking rubbish with Penny, Yih Ting and Wen Liang.

Alvin : Hi auntie
Penny : *eyes opened wide* What did you call me?
Alvin : Auntie?
Wen Liang : Uh oh, Alvin you're supposed to call her sister la
Alvin : Oh, really? Okay, hi jie-jie.
Penny : *raises fist*

We're on good terms now, don't worry C:
Had the best church lunch after church once again and then went for badminton with Sam, Wen Kye, Wen Liang, Yih Ting and Brian. The men had their own game of shoutminton where every ball they hit has an "AHH" sound or a "URGHH" and when they miss a shot they go "AIYAAA!"
Yep, that's shoutminton for you.
Christine didn't come along as she was busy practising her rempit skeelz on the road C:
Went for steamboat later and confessed my only reason why I don't eat crabs.

I'm lazy to break them open.

So, I just sat and watched the Lim family rip, tear and destroy each limb the poor crab had. It was a sight to behold, trust me.
Andandand, later that night, DOTA MARATHON! But Sam had to sleep early coz he had classes the following day ):

Earlier today morning, I accompanied auntie Tina to pick Christine up from the rempit school. She passed apparently and kept on complaining and degrading the officers that tested her.

You know arh, got so many people doing the test at the same time..den when I doing the titi arh, they looking at the man doing the number 8..then they count my titi time wrong also..actually it's less den 7 seconds but then arh............blaaaaablablabla
Yep, that's Christine for you.

Boarded the bus at 1.15pm and left for old, rustic Melaka C:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A child at heart

Yes, the title says it all and I'll let the pictures do the talking, after all they're worth a thousand words

the ultimate warrior C:

I am still a child at heart after all


Monday, September 21, 2009


Here goes a mini post on some people who attended the recent funeral. I must say, it's quite an interesting occasion where I met my cousins who are more than double my age and I met them for the first time. Cousin Yin Wai is 46 mind you (:
Also, it's good to see a small entourage from Subang Jaya CoC comprising of Jessica, Aunty Tina, Uncle Chan Koon, and Jessica's parents and of course, church members, family and not forgetting friends (:
Please click on the pictures if they're too small or if you need to admire someone *COUGHS*

I don't have many pictures coz' I spent half my time attending to family matters and the other half lecturing Jessica on how to fold the paper taels which she eventually managed to succeed.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


This post is specially dedicated to those who have helped see me through my recent encounter with the passing on of my beloved grandfather. All of you have really been an encouragement and a great help in times of grief and bereavement.

Special thanks to,






Sue May


Bro Jerry and wife

Bro. Eng and Shirley

Bro. Chan Koon and Tina

June and Janice

Sis. Alice

Dr See and Grace

Steven and Angeline

Goh Choon Liang and Cherie

if I have missed out any names, do forgive me C:

May God bless you all

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I know it's pretty awkward for me to post so many times in such a short period but I think I will not be doing justice to my late grandfather if my tribute is not penned by hand and only safekept in my heart.

My grandfather was a good man. He laboured hard and long throughout his life. He walked miles to begin work during the early hours of the morning. Even before sunrise, there he would be, pacing step after step to begin the daily rituals of his everyday life. He worked as a humble coffee-maker, who earned no more than we spend a month and spent less than we saved a month. I admired him for the fact that he didn't believe in the miracles of 'money'. Money was a foreign item to him, something profane and strange because he said it turned good people into bad people. True enough, living up to his words and testimony, he hardly spent in his life except to purchase the little necessities of life. I used to think he was wierd.

But I loved him.

Often we would visit him, mostly on Sundays to accompany him as he lived on his own. His apartment was no bigger than the compounds of most houses but still, he lived in simplicity. He tasted no luxury and wanted no fortune. His only wish was to live happily. As a grandson, I failed my duty to be able to love him and care for him as a grandson should. I couldn't speak with him as language was a barrier between us and I couldn't express how much I love him as my words would simply go to waste.

But I loved him.

My mother used to tell me long stories of how life was with him. He gave her a good spanking when she failed to accomplish her household chores and family commitments. He always said, "you'll appreciate my beatings when you're older" and true enough, the woman my mother turned out to be is indeed a miraculous work of tears, sweat, blood and patience. But I never knew too much about him. The man whom I called grandfather was just another person whom I barely knew.

But I loved him.

Oh how I wish I knew him better. I wish I knew what he used to look like or what his favourite food was. I wish I knew the joy he felt in his life and pain he suffered during his trials. I wish I could be there for him when he needed someone. I wish I did all those things which I wanted to do. I didn't. I can't

But I loved him.

Closing my testament to his long and fruitful life, I would like to say this.

You will never know how much you really love someone, until you have lost him.

my beloved grandfather

I never said goodbye
I never said 'I love you'
to him.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Confucious once said, "Do not reveal the secrets of your trade, or else there will be an economic recession"
Okay I'm making crap up, but anyway as you all know I've been putting some effort into my studies for the past few weeks in preparation for SPM
So here I will reveal my sanctuary that is overpopulated with books, empty coffee wrappers and a couple of sexy hunks nerds.

So, entering the front door we see..

the living room, where most studies are done

a piano covered with genuine cow hide

an exercise machine

a rectangular glass table(with nice cookies!)

and our music station

Well, we couldn't have survived studying late nights without proper food and special drinks,
so, on the menu we have..

ordinary 3-in-1 coffee from 'Car-four'

our miracle drink for the middle of the night maestro,
tongkat ali ginseng coffee

brands essence of chicken(don't know what this does)


Malaysia's favourite drink, Milo

and some cheesed chicken sausages for our demanding stomachs

And also..
this is proof of our 6 coffee cups a day consumption

our stash of supplies(which is almost empty now btw)

our precious fridge where we cool off on a hot day

I found this in the fridge
thank God for my curious nature

our workbooks which used to lie dormant and covered with a blanket of dust

an angpao tree with real money inside! *evil grins*

this is where magic happens between coffee and hot water

what are books for without the nerds?
On my left, THE FAT Eric Mah

Now, I'm sure all of us encounter temptations and distractions in our lives, and during studies, this is no exception. In fact, distractions are even MORE powerful during studies..
for example..

1. DotA, we managed to handle this problem already
2. Talking crap, very very big problem
3. Sleeping, another major problem
4. SMS-ing, this problem applies to me only
5. Rubik's cubing, once more, applies only to me
6. Eating too long, thanks to Eric who always orders extra food
and the worst,
7. Anime

We(I mean Eric actually) had a really hard time coping with this problem as SOMEONE kept on bring anime videos to watch. We had a small scuffle about this matter..

Eric : Eh Yee Chang, tomorrow wanna see the next episode of Gundam?
Me : Enough already la, we watch so much Bleach already..
Eric : Come on la, just 2 episodes..very nice wan
Me : If you bring anime tomorrow, you can go and hang yourself upside down..
Eric : =.="

We also had another problem with the introduction of our third member, Kingsley, which was..

American Pie

Consequently, this was the conversation that took place..

Kingsley : Eh dudes, wanna watch American Pie 5 tomorrow? It's like 1 and a half hours of s**
Eric : Yeah, I wanna watch, so long haven't watch it already
Me : If you guys wanna watch that, go somewhere else and watch
Eric : This guy too holy already..come one la..once only
Eric : Okay, let's watch anime

So, this is our lovely but extremely addictive collection of anime

some of the cd's that we had
there's more Bleach in my house (:

Gundam Seed Destiny, lotsa shooting and screaming
for example..

Kira : SHINNN!
Shin : KIRAAA!

you guys get the idea..

another Gundam series..

Fate Stay Night, I brought this so that I won't have to watch 100 hours of Gundam

and Bleach of course (:

the whole lot

To overcome these problems, we both agreed to form a constitution or perlembagaan which looked something like this..

it reads..
1. NO DOTA!!!
2. NO ANIME!!!
3. No sleeping > 20 mins!
4. Makan NOT too long!
5. No nonsense conversation!
6. No SMSing!
7. No Rubik's Cube!

Well, after all is said and done, we did manage to study hard and will hopefully do well for our coming exams.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


I do owe you these beautiful portraits of me don't I? (:

Painted and penned by the master herself, Chloe!

My wedding photo drawn even before I knew my wife
Art and design by Theodora (:

And it comes with a love letter too! *blushes*

Okay, so much for little, pretty girls falling madly in love with me..

Before I knew what hit me, a week has passed since my trials begun and I must say, berkat my 'hard' work, I managed to scrape through the exam papers unscathed :D except for chemistry..thanks to one person *winks*

So, ima do some math about my sleeping hours for this week..

Sunday-2 hours
Monday-2 hours
Tuesday-2 hours
Wednesday-1 hour

Total time= 7 hours

and also the coffee cups per day..

Sunday-6 cups
Monday-5 cups
Tuesday-6 cups
Wednesday-6 cups

Total cups= 23 cups

mind you, each cup has one-and-a-half TABLESPOONS of NESCAFE
I'm officially a coffee addict (:

My brain seriously needs a break now. Seriously.
So me buddies and I are planning a road trip to somewhere far far FAR away from Melaka and trials to just relax ourselves and get us that well-earned treat. The big daddy of exams still looms around in the corner however ):

And of course, who would forget the 'famous', 'charming', and old Jessica's birthday
Apparently her inbox was so full she couldn't reply my b'day wish

Sad stuff ):

But still, here's a birthday post for ya

She is..

smart..very smart..

taken?? *gasp*

a poser..

a good mascot

extremely 'lala' at times(I'm yet to experience this first hand)

horrible with pets

But most importantly..

She's 18 now(that's old)

and she also owe's me nasi pandan

Happy birthday! May God bless you (:


Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the boy returns.

Oh well, things haven't been going too smoothly for me over the past few weeks but still, Ima set this time aside for my blogging (:

I'm so sorry and sad not to blog about the outing with our friends from Japan, they're so cute! especially Risa Kawabata, wanted to pinch her cheeks so much! *winks* however, being a gentleman I *coughs* opted not to. Do read all about it in Jonah's blog.

Christine and the gang was down in Melaka awhile ago. Didn't have time to spend with her as she was busy in Tangkak, once more escaping from her 'mission' >:( okay, I'll stop rambling bout this here.

Andandand, apparently, SOMEONE's in love...*giggles* guess who?

Also, I have been studying hard for my trials. Sejarah and Moral papers were the nightmares for the first week, thank GOD it's over..for now ):

Had a really good preacher in town since Friday, the best I've come across I must say. The man goes by the name of Phillip Van Winkle and no, he's not from the Netherlands. Young chap and a really really really good preacher, I actually trembled during his sermon today D: took him for lunch at a Taiwan noodle shop along with Patrick Ho and Angeling and their two daughters, Theodora and erm..forgot the other one ): andandand I think Theodora's in love with me! HAHA :D she drew me a portrait of myself and her in it and I must say, it's a masterpiece (: picture will be uploaded soon!

Oh well, I'm supposed to be burning the midnight oil today again, getting prepared for the horror movies of the week, Biology and Chemistry so, wish me luck!

And yes, thanks Jess for the past year and trial papers, helped a tonne (: