Monday, July 20, 2009

Ah ma xD

Oh well, it's blog time! I had a freeloader! Jessica down at my house for the past 3 days. I have to say, I did enjoy her company. So, in 3 days, she's..

1. Attended Friday Bible class and missed a movie
2. Got onto Skype with her 'da jie'
3. Stopped me from doing my homework
4. Laughed and joked too much
5. Came for youth class on Saturday
6. Discovered how crazy Malaccan youths can be
7. Watched a movie and found out Harry Potter was ugly
8. Forced me to eat popcorn
9. Watch me blow my top
10. Sat down for the whole 1-AND-A-HALF-HOUR-OBM! *clap clap*
11. Ate good food
12. Ate really really good food
13. Showed her poser skeelz(evidence below)
14. Tasted Malaccan hospitality
15. Made a new friend

Bravo bravo! Well, we sent her packing back to her hostel to continue her nerd sessions.
Dinner today was awesome, we went to Wok & Pan, considerably the best western food shop in Malacca.
And, here's what happened..

The chop shop

Jessica's failed attempt to catch me off guard

Food anybody?

Lamb ribs, my mom's

Fried rice, my grandma's

Chicken Cordon Bleus, Jessica's and Jonathan's

Lamb shank, my aunt's

and voila! Salmon steak, mine all mine!

My mom decided to snap some pictures

Watcha lookin' at? >;D

See? told you she poses! xD

Well, after a filling and satisfying dinner, we headed across the street to the posh Nadeje cake shoppie for our supper, which was 5 minutes after dinner.
Jessica was greedy

Oohlala :D

Hungry? poser much

I decided not to pose, she still went ahead however..

The glorious Mille Crepe cake, very rich and creamy texture plus excellent taste!

One slice = RM 8.50
Two slices = do the math

And so, after a long and tiring day, the old monster Jessica decided to take a picture with my dog, Kelly as she apparently fell in love with her. She kept jumping and wriggling about because she was being tickled by Kelly's silky smooth fur and scratched by her claws =.=!!

Till then, cya!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today :D

Ah, today I was feeling rather hardworking D: so I thought I'd do some cleaning on my bike and polish up those muddy shoes of mine. Well, I was at the OKW bike shop yesterday and did some repairs on Old Faithful

Brake pads : RM 5
New wire and housing : RM 23
Bar ends : RM 40
Bottle holder : RM 18

Total : RM 86!

New housing and wires for my gear system

My bottle holder which is..

Merida branded! WOOTS!

And my new bar ends, which are..


Oh yeah, Jessica's been staying in my place for awhile now, sadly she'll be leaving tmrw D: and she gave me a present this morning..

a broken clothes hanger..

She was trying to hang her one millionth MNG shirt on it, I guess it didn't work out D:
When she came down the stairs, she was so scared to tell me =.=!! she even hid it behind her back! Aiyoh, girlish betul x)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Randomity, the sequel

Ahh, how I love school. It's the place where one learns the good and bad of society :D
Anyway, I've recently got the hang of writing down silly and lame stuff that happens during class, for example..

*everyone turns heads*
Gus : MY CROTCH ITCHES!! *scratches groin*
Me : =.="

Jameson : ARGHH! I've got something in my eye!!SHIT!
Me : Gus! Jameson's got something in his eye!
Gus : :D let's sing a song!!
"When you look me in the eye.."

Gus : Hear me roar *stands up, points his ass to us, farts*
Jameson : D:

During English
Brother : So class, celibacy is the opposite of virginity.
Brother : and Sebas has lost his virginity to his gay partner.
Class : SILK SHEN!(inside joke)
Brother : No, Andre.
Joel : BROTHER! Sebas is SEXCITED!
Sebas : Teeheehee, at least I'm not SEXPERIENCED!
Class : *roars with laughter*
Brother : *giggles like a girl* okay class, take out your SEXERCISE books and I mean-
Class : AHAHAHA!

horny geeks.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sayanora Sagamoto!

We all know that Melaka has been a prominent source of *ahem* exporting *ahem* fine and well-trained youth *ahem* ever since the churches of Malaysia have been established some 4 decades ago *ahem*. Oh well, here goes another one : (

Leong Mei Mae 1989-2009

She's not exported to heaven yet, but unfortunately to Singapore to further her 'studies' kononnya. Actually she's bored with Malaysian food so she run over there to 'cari inspirasi baru'!
Anyway, she's been a 'gila girl' and a friendly friend in the church as long as I can remember her.

She's a poser, like most girls

She has good friends too, like most girls

She loves to eat, unlike most girls


and eat..

annnd eat :D

She likes to make others look silly sometimes

and sadly, she's forced to camwhore too :(

But most importantly, she's admired and loved by all for her gila gila attitude and her cheerful personality!

Even Pierre Png can't resist her! HAHA!

Btw, she's one lame joker I tell you, seriously. Let me *ahem* enlighten you :)

Mei Mae : Which is the richest country in the world?
Alvin : Erm...Brunei?
Mei Mae : NO LAH! *giggles*
Alvin : Sure stupid wan lah this answer..
Mei Mae : Yalar, hahha!
Alvin : I give up lah.
Mei Mae : Thailand la, because people there like to say Sawadeekap and it sounds like 'suo wo de ka'(swipe my card) in Chinese! *hysterical laughter*
Alvin : =.=" okaay.

Example 2

Mei Mae : Why did the cabbage disappear when the sun come out?
Alvin : I don't want to know
Mei Mae : Coz arh, the sun so hot until the cabbage peel itself until finish! HAHAHAHA!
Alvin : =.=!! rightt.

Example 3

Mei Mae : Which country don't have vegetables?
Alvin : Alright, I bet my life this is gonna be downright stupid.
Mei Mae : HAHAH! So smart lah *grins*
Alvin : I give up.
Mei Mae : China lah! Coz it can be pronounced as 'chai ne?'(where are the vegetables?) AHAHAHAHA!
Alvin : Half my brain cells just committed suicide.

xD lame much?

So, till the next time we meet for makan! I will look forward to your homecoming!

Sayanora Sagamoto!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


As promised, here they are! The one and only..OFF-ROAD BIKING PICS! WOOTIES!

Waiting for some 'late-comers'

One group pic before departure, guys like camwhoring btw ;D

Taking 5 under a tree

Biker gang ;D

Posing before take off

"On the road agaaainn~"

Passing by the Ozana housing estate

7 mounties, one roadie and one "ah so"(inside joke :D)

Chowing down breakfast

Refuelling before the REAL challenge >:D

The bikers posing before we enter Hell on Earth D:

Washing the wounds

Guess who's sexy legand wound?

The one and only, SUPERMAN ALVIN LEE!

Caught me off guard, again =.="

Repairing Bong's tire..annoying weih xD


And here we are at last, enjoying a filling meal in Shakey's after a day's journey!