Monday, September 28, 2009

Belut pulang ke lubuknya

Yep, back home once more after a tiring but enjoyable trip to KL. I was lucky enough to be housed by the great Mei Mae who just returned from her long honeymoon in Singapore. Y'know she went for shopping and guess what she came back with. Nothing but FOOD. There were Roller Coaster Party Packs, Cheezels, chips of all sorts and tonnes of biscuits. Aiyoh, since last year she has been saying "I want to lose weight laaah" but sadly words speak louder than actions for her.
Great news guys, I'm officially qualified to teach you fellas on how to date and find a future spouse!
Had my courtship lessons by Bro Peter Chin in DU on Saturday
By the way, I wasn't supposed to be there, but thankfully Eunice sms-ed me last minute and told me a class was going on, so I dropped by and paid a visit.

Alvin : *Opens door* May I join you guys?
Bro Peter : Oh Alvin, nice to have you here. Yes you may if you promise to be nice to us.
Alvin : Oh sure I promise *smiles*
Eunice : *jaw drops*

That pretty much summarizes what happened in the first 10 seconds of the class.
Later on that night, I attended a class on parenting and communicating with teenagers. This class was NOT designed for people of my age group but I learnt a thing or two. Managed to meet Chloe(remember her? she's one of the professional artists that drew a portrait of me) and other DU members.
That's Saturday for you guys.

Sunday morning, woke up, brushed teeth and mandi kerbau-ed(the water was VERY VERY cold). I followed Mei Yean and Alvin Goh(quality product from SFI) to church to prepare the Lord's Supper but ended up talking rubbish with Penny, Yih Ting and Wen Liang.

Alvin : Hi auntie
Penny : *eyes opened wide* What did you call me?
Alvin : Auntie?
Wen Liang : Uh oh, Alvin you're supposed to call her sister la
Alvin : Oh, really? Okay, hi jie-jie.
Penny : *raises fist*

We're on good terms now, don't worry C:
Had the best church lunch after church once again and then went for badminton with Sam, Wen Kye, Wen Liang, Yih Ting and Brian. The men had their own game of shoutminton where every ball they hit has an "AHH" sound or a "URGHH" and when they miss a shot they go "AIYAAA!"
Yep, that's shoutminton for you.
Christine didn't come along as she was busy practising her rempit skeelz on the road C:
Went for steamboat later and confessed my only reason why I don't eat crabs.

I'm lazy to break them open.

So, I just sat and watched the Lim family rip, tear and destroy each limb the poor crab had. It was a sight to behold, trust me.
Andandand, later that night, DOTA MARATHON! But Sam had to sleep early coz he had classes the following day ):

Earlier today morning, I accompanied auntie Tina to pick Christine up from the rempit school. She passed apparently and kept on complaining and degrading the officers that tested her.

You know arh, got so many people doing the test at the same time..den when I doing the titi arh, they looking at the man doing the number 8..then they count my titi time wrong also..actually it's less den 7 seconds but then arh............blaaaaablablabla
Yep, that's Christine for you.

Boarded the bus at 1.15pm and left for old, rustic Melaka C:

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