Monday, December 27, 2010

Post exam fever!

Literally, I had fever. But well it doesn't stop me from having fun eh? Exams ended with the dreaded accounts paper and we all headed over to Pyramid(like duhh) for lunch and a movie! Sue Yinn, Pijul, Stephen, Aryl and I ate at Sakae Sushi before watching Tangled.

"talk to the hand"

 the trio listening to Aryl's ice skating philosophy

Wasabi tower that caught Sue Yinn's attention, greatly.

It was SUPERB! No Sue Yinn, I did not cry. The singing was great and so was the story, I know some among us were reduced to tears. Well, we sent Stephen off and Sue Yinn and I went to Ampang Lookout Point for dinner. The taxi ride there was long and slow but thankfully we're both chatterboxes, itching tongues that filled in the lengthy journey. Even the taxi man was nice! We got there around 6 and started scouting for a good restaurant to dine in. Of course we chose the one with the best view! Scaled the highest tower-cum-eatery and selected the best seat.

The view in the evening was nothing compared to what we both saw in the night. As the veil of darkness shrouded the KL city, a dazzling display of bright lights and bright bright lights took our breaths away! The calm and cool breeze added to the serene atmosphere too! Truly it was a beautiful and picturesque sight! We order a pizza and had a couple of drinks before taking...


 the brilliant night lights of KL town

 Ignore the ugly flowers please


After a hearty meal and a good long chat we backtracked to Kelana Jaya to put up a night at my aunt's.

apparently I'm supposed to look nerdy with her specs

The next day we rose early. Wait, she woke me up, and it was a early morning tussle between the two in order to get me out of bed! We took the trains to Berjaya Times Square for some shopping! Snooped around for a suitable pair of shoes for her but couldn't find any! So we walked over to Sungei Wang Plaza which took me by surprise due to the MASSIVE number of shops and outlets! Could have spent an entire day there! We ate at some Hong Kong fast food, which was fast, literally. The food came like 1 or 2 minutes after we sat down!

mini Christmas trees!

Christmas deco at Times Square!

After another long lonnnnnnng day we went back to Sunway. Unfortunately we got caught in an unsurprisingly long and frustrating traffic jam. In the end I got shooed out of the cab so I could get back in time to prepare for Bible Class *gasp*
Anyway thanks so much Sue Yinn!(which I have previously said)


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