Friday, April 30, 2010

Of woes, blues and comebacks

Once more, I've let my inner laziness rule my life. I apologize to my followers for not being active in blogging as I've been bugged by many things recently. So, here I am back again and for a treat, I'm going to have a special post for you readers!

My next post will answer questions about myself, anything you wanna ask but only one question per person and it will be the truth =) so consider this a little sorry and thank you note for my recent absence.

You may ask questions by commenting on this post OR posting them at the cbox beside. I'll give you readers a span of 4 days to give me your questions =D so, let the interrogation begin!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Another eventful day unfolded this afternoon as my driving instructor aka Mr Roland picked me up for my first ever driving lesson!

After taking the car to the roadside he got out of the driver's seat and said, "Boy, now you drive" the fact that I am sitting here blogging shows that I CAN drive on the road with hundreds of cars speeding around like massive Speedy Gonzaleses =D he kept on telling me the same old line, "BOY, WHEN YOU TEKAN MINYAK BERANI A BIT LA! but when u change gear, I want you to change like ah kua.." He then told me to drive to a congested area in Melaka which is the road that leads toward the bus station, Sentral *gasps* I asked him 3 times, "are you sure?" and all he just said it, "relax la boy..uncle drive 40 years only 4 minutes.."

While driving, I had a tingle of nostalgia when this song played on the radio.

Remember? *winks*


*emo* yeah I just got back from another fun-filled and fulfilling adventure in Klang. How I wish i could always turn back the clock to savour those memorable moments in life with my friends and family once more. Well, I attended some sorta IU(International Understanding) Day at MGS Klang, which turned out to be Joan's school. I was fortunate enough to meet a few new people, including KARA DIOGUARDI, Claire Foo, Kenny and Joan's makan buddy, Joey. I don't wanna comment on the event itself as I might have nothing good to say about it except some performances and the FOOD. Yes you heard me right, the food was downright awesome! They called in some Turkish chefs to satisfy our hungry tummies with authentic Turkish cuisines. Apart from that, there was a little something "special"that happened too *winks*

Moving on, we had an outing to Bukit Tinggi JJ with Joan, Joey, Kara DioGuardi, Kenny, Cedric, Justin and myself. Dinner at some western food place called Vivo and then a movie!

Yupp, we had a good time watching the epic movie, CLASH OF THE TITANS! I was quite impressed by the graphics but wasn't blown away though. And who won't remember the best catch phrase in the whole movie?


Friday, April 2, 2010

2th April

Today was an eventful day which started off slow and got into full gear as time went on. My FANTASTIC driving instructor rang me up at 8 to ask me if I can take a spin in his car. After breakfast, Aunty Winnie(Cedric's sweetsweet mom) dropped me off at Joan's place where I got on my two feet and started cleaning up the house. Swept the place and mopped everywhere twice. The frustrating part was that there was SO MUCH HAIR everywhere I had to keep sweeping again and again to ensure the cleanliness meets her standards or else I'll be fired ._. after doing all that hoo-haa, Cedric and Justin arrived and we awaited Joan's arrival. As soon as she got in, we began preparations for the OPERATION BONFIRE(Bryant ON FIRE). The plan was this, Daryl was to hold Bryant up at the Klang station while we prepare and standby to catch Bryant by surprise before he enters his room. So when we're all set and done, Joan gave the signal which was a squeaky hamster giggle and we jumped out of her room with a blanket and TAUPOK-ed Bryant after he went "OH SHIT!" and pinned him onto the bed. Timotheus on the other hand was on skype and the laptop was hidden under a pile of blankets but the webcam was concealed in such a way he would still be able to see what's going on. The entire team, comprising of Joan, Ern Shern, Daryl, Jae Wen, Cedric, Justin and myself did a pretty awesome job :D we then headed over to Fruity for a good meal of CREAMHORNS! *winks at Timmy*

Oh well, signing off for now!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April's Fool NOT

I'm not into pranks, seriously. So don't expect any messages saying I'm gonna jump off a 23-storey building or I've gotten some fatal virus that can't be cured, or I've been learning how to speak Gibberish.

But getting onto the serious stuff, here I am(again) in Joan's place waiting on her to wake up so we can head on to Sunway to get some gifts for her bro aww that's so sweet! I'll probably be visiting Sunway UC and INTI if I can but I might not be able to make it due to the tight schedule. But well, let me repeat myself, I'm always in KL and I'm ALWAYS in Sunway for some reason. Also, I've decided that Sunway will be my choice for furthering my studies since the hope of getting a scholarship died off when I saw the words "permohonan anda tidak berjaya" oh well, you can't always get what you want *winkwink*

Andandand I've been catching up with Glee GLEE! where my theory of Puck being a jerk has been proven beyond doubt and Quinn is hotter than the hot Jew. It's rather addictive as it caters for both drama and comedy viewers and of course, music lovers :D

I don't know what else I'm gonna do here so I think I'll get my 40 winks on Bryant's bed :D