Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunny side up (:

Here's some light reading for your entertainment :D

Stopping outside an advertisement "A Unique Breakfast", a man asked the waitress what this was and was told "Baked Chicken Tongue"
"That's disgusting!" the man said. "I would never eat something that came out of a chicken's mouth!"
"What would you like then?" the waitress asked..
"Just give me some scrambled eggs." He replied...

An executive hired a temporary chauffeur when his regular driver went on holiday. He asked the new man for his name and was told, "Charles, sir."
"I always call my driver by his surname," the executive said curtly.
"My name is Charles Darling, sir." The chauffeur replied.
"Very well, Charles," said the executive. "Drive on."

Frank believed five was his special number. He was born on May 5th, had 5 children and lived at 555 Fifth Avenue. At the race on his 55th birthday, he was delighted to find a horse named Numero Cinco running in the fifth race from barrier 5. Exactly 5 minutes before the race, Frank went to betting window No. 5 and put $500 on Numero Cinco. It finished fifth.

"There I was, relaxing in my favourite chair last Sunday," one office worker told another, "reading the newspaper, watching one football match on TV and listening to another on radio, drinking a beer, eating a snack and rubbing the dog's tummy with my foot - and my wife has the nerve to accuse me of sitting there and doing nothing."

A big burly man paid a visit to a priest's home. "Sir," he said, "I wish to draw your attention to the terrible plight of a poor family. The father is unemployed and the mother can't work because of nine children she must raise. They are hungry and soon will be forced onto the street unless someone pays their $500 rent."
"How terrible!" exclaimed the priest. Touched by the concern of a man with such a gruff appearance, he asked, "May I ask who you are?" The visitor sobbed, "I'm their landlord."

"Hey, BUDDY," said the taxi passenger, tapping the driver on the shoulder. The driver screamed and lost control of the cab; nearly hitting a bus, jumping the curb and stopping inches from a huge plate-glass window.
For a few moments, everything was silent. Then the driver said, "You scared the daylights out of me!"
"I'm sorry," said the passenger. "I didn't realize a tap on the shoulder would frighten you so much!"
"It's not your fault," the driver replied. "Today is my first day driving a cab. I've been driving a hearse for the last 25 years."

Ken's wife bought a new line of expensive cosmetics when she heard that they would make her look years younger. After applying the products, she asked her husband, "Darling, tell me honestly, what age would you say I am?"
Looking over her carefully, Ken replied, "Let me see. Judging by your skin, 20, your hair, 18 and your figure, 25."
"Oh, you flatter me," she gushed in delight.
"No wait," Ken replied. "I haven't added them up yet."

Saturday, February 27, 2010

..and after 3 weeks I will be risen from the dead..

Yes, your prayers have been answered and once more the long wait it over. Well if I continue posting about Singapore, my entire CNY and KL trip will be left out! So, in short..

1. We had a good time in SG
2. We had a very good time in SG
3. We had a very very good time in SG

For more info on what we've done, do check out Jonah's pictures on Facebook.

It's the time where little kids like you have been waiting for! Little kiddies eagerly anticipating their slips of brand new, cold hard, spanking hot cash packed in little red envelopes. It comes only once a year and how sad it is to see it go again. CNY has been a time where we reunite with old acquaintances, long lost relatives and annoying cousins. With my 10 fingers and toes, I could count how many cousins I have i bet eunice cant. Anywaaaay, CNY fell on a Sunday and we received our first angpaos after worship. Mei Mae was like a toll lady where she stood at the exit of the church building so no one would miss her. I was rather NOT surprised to see Bro Robert Ong wearing a new shirt on CNY. He then told us how much each apparel he donned costed.

Shirt-RM 10
Singlet-50 sen
Shoes-RM 5
Everything-made in China

This is what you get from the most humble man on earth! So for those of you(including me) who go for CNY shopping every year, why not try cheap made in China products? :D

Upon arriving home, I was greeted by a sea of relatives. It's a custom of my family for all the relatives to meet at my grandma's home. There were plenty of pictures taken and they're all up for views here and here. Over the next few days, many angpaos have I received, much food have I taken, many friends have I met, many loved ones reunited. Truly, it's the festive season of the year that makes every year complete and memorable.

(I'm always going to KL am I?)

Followed my cousin back to PJ after CNY and stayed at his house for a day before I took the train to Shah Alam station for bible class. Unfortunately, my plans to put up 2 nights at Christine's place had to be changed as her mom was sick :_( so in the train to Shah Alam I rang up my good ol' auntie, Jessica! She gladly received my request and arranged for me to stay a night at her place. 5 mins later she called back and told me..

"Eh relatives suddenly came to my house to stay arr..sorry wei.."

Okaay, now I'm homeless and have nowhere to go. But thankfully, Bro Eng kindly hosted me for a few days. The next day was the highlight of this trip where a Subang-KK outing was organized by Joel Lee from Aus(I'm always going for trips am I?). I was pretty shocked upon finding out the Klang youths weren't invited lol but anyhow, we had a rather large group that day. As usual, we went for skating. Met up with Sue May and Sandra at the rink. Apparently, it was Jess' first time skating(I think) so she did the wall-hugging ritual as everyone did on their first time :P after A LONG LONG TIME we managed to get her off the wall to skate with us. I kept using the quotation, "Confucious say, the thousand mile journey begins with the first step! SO COME OFF THE WALL NOW!" and "imagine I'm Jesus and I'm calling you to walk on the ice to me like He asked Peter to walk on Jessica, come to me!" hahaha, we had a good time skating. We also had the usual kacauing moments where Benjamin Wong deliberately messes up Eunice's hair so she would get all frustrated like a trussed turkey. After an hour or so, some of us had to leave for the Valentine's Day movie as we opted NOT to watch Percy Jackson. Sam, Kelly, Steph Yeow, Jess, Sean, Eunice and myself stopped by Subway to tapau(smuggle) food into the cinema :P trust me, VD is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT WHINEY PERCY JACKSON. We had a good laugh and many touching and shocking moments.

"I know it's Valentine's Day and so you folks must be busy and all, so I'm gonna tell you guys what I came here to tell you guys..I'm gay" *EPIC GASP*

"Teenage love, full of hope, full of promises, ignorant of reality"

"I need love, I need romance, I need roses and I need it from you"
"You need Jesus"

"So it's come to end of Valentine's Day and let's have those 3 words everyone wants to hear...

Hahahaha, we indeed had a fun ride in the cinema watching VD on the big screen. Sam was squealing and hugging me everytime something stupid was about to happen like a woman walks into a room where a boy was practising his guitar without any clothes on. Surprisingly, Eunice was pretty silent during the movie :P we then went back to the cinema to pass Joel's tickets to him while Steph went on to play Para Para Paradise. I did not enjoy myself watching her strut her "stuff" and do her "thing" lol. The loud and pounding music was too much for me to bear as well so Eunice and I decided to take a walk lol(Steph had 3 more tokens left to play PPP)
We later had the usual session of bowling where we put our physics and maths to good use. Jess, Eunice and I did the "masuk longkang" ritual where we will laugh at ourselves and facepalm everytime the bola masuk the longkang. Sam and Sean were the pro ones on the alley getting lotsa spares and hits. Sadly, Sean and Jess had to leave halfway for a prearranged dinner. We were then joined by the rest of the group and went for dessert at Tutti Frutti. It was ridiculously expensive but tasty too. Eunice had her's splattered with gummy bears and nata de coco while the others stuck to the basic choc chips and oreo. What a good way to end a long long day.

Pictures here! I'm still waiting for the pictures from Pauline's cam btw :P


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

this post is to let you readers know i'm still alive and active :D rather busy these few days :P

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Singapore Adventures 3

Singapore Adventures continue with Jonah and Alvin being kept captive in the college..however there came a time we heard an upsetting and saddening news about Sis Meow Cheng, mother of Eliza and wife of Bro Victor. We decided that it would be good to pay them a visit and our last respects. We went to Bradell View with Isaac and Ernest where we met up with the rest. Eliza was in slacker mode lol(she's always in slacker mode :P). The next day we returned to Bradell View to participate in the wake service where Ernest's dad gave a heart-moving speech and Jon Yang led the singing. I can tell Sis Meow Cheng was a very loved and cherished person as there were many ladies weeping and mourning over the loss of their beloved sister in Christ.

So, day to day we study and study. I must admit, there's many things to learn from the Bible despite growing up in a churched background. Anyway, all work and no play makes Alvin a dull boy. So, the LAP youths arranged to take us out on a trip around Singapore city! We took an MRT to City Hall station where we met with Ernest, Jun Wei and Cheryl(I hope I spelt your name right). From there we met with Jon Yang and went off to the Esplanade aka Giant Durians aka Humongous Flies' Eyes. We traveled using the underground passageways which connects from building to building. Lo and behold, Jon Yang looked afar off and saw..AN ARCADE. Immediately he decided that we should have some fun there. Jonah and I were stuck at the Guitar Hero 3 while Jon Yang went round playing the classical Shoot 'em Up games.

look at the concentration in his can't see his eyes..

We were joined by Eliza and Ser Ern later which was the first time I saw a girl enter the arcade and play a game. The girls played some kinda banging game where there were many challenges and you only have 2 buttons to press lol. Ernest pretty much owned them in everything xD after an hour or so we headed off to places like Suntec City and Marina Square where Jon Yang once more lifted his eyes afar off and saw..A WII EXHIBITION! . So we zoomed right down to get our hands on a free Wii! I played Sword fighting and Ping Pong with Jonah.

*deep breathing* I am Lord Vader..EAT MY LIGHTSABERR!!

While we were busy slashing and stabbing, Jon Yang and Ernest decided to play archery which was an interesting alternative.

readiee..steadieeee..FIREE!! shag i missed

After meeting up with Alan Poon we headed off to makan! Jon Yang treated us with JCO doughnuts which tasted and looked just like Big Apple doughnuts lol. Once more, Jon Yang looked afar off and saw through the walls, spotting...AN INTERNET CAFE! Without hesitation the guys agreed to have a game of DotA and L4D2. Sadly, we couldn't play DotA cuz we lacked time but, the L4D2-ers went ahead. Surprisingly, ELIZA was playing. It was her first time.

Eliza: Why can't I mooovvee?
Benjamin: There's a zombie in front of you, shoot it and follow us.
Eliza: *shoots the floor* Why can't I shoot ittttt??
Eliza: Helpppp meeeeeee!!! EEEEEEEK!

Benjamin: OK Eliza, press 4 and hold down your left mouse button to heal
Eliza: *presses 4 and clicks on left mouse button continuously* Why can't I heeaaaaalll?
Benjamin: It's gonna be a long long day..

We then tagged along to a "Teachers Appreciation Dinner" at Mad Jacks. The guys weren't happy they couldn't play DotA so they once again headed off for DotA at the nearby LAN shop. Maan, what a very fulfilling day xD

Oh, I decided to add some facts of interest in every Singapore post :D

Did you know..
We normally take lunch at the food courts behind the church building?

Yup, that's our usual food haven. There are around 4-5 food courts there :P

Did you know..
Hai has a clown stuck to his bed?

Heh, weird eh? xD

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Singapore Adventures 2

Alright folks! Let's get down to the serious business now, what happened in the 3 weeks I've spent there. Mind you, I won't go into as much detail as Jonah's as I don't to have Singapore Adventures #21 on my blog. That's too much work for a bunch of lazy fingers like mine :P


Day 1
We said our goodbyes and headed off for lunch at the bus stop. Ate our last ever Malaysian dish before setting off for Singapore *sobs* the trip was rather boring and as usual I had my issues of sleeping on the bus where I can't get my 40 winks. Upon reaching the Malaysian Immigration Department we skimmed pass the counters like a hot knife through butter and boarded the bus once more. Unfortunately, the hot knife got stuck at the 2nd chunk of butter due to our forgetfulness, Jonah and I did not fill up the white card resulting in a 10 minute delay.

The bus ditched us. Great.

Anyhow, we took a bus to Kranji station and boarded the MRT to Tiong Bahru where we met up with Bro Chong Kwee. We had our dinner at a simple looking but awesome Chinese restaurant. Uniquely, they serve their drinks in bowls instead of the usual glass cups!

ice ice baby!

After the MOST fulfilling meal I will have in my 3-week stay in Singapore, we headed off to the CK Hotel. Yes yes, 5 star service with hot-water showers and fully air-conditioned rooms YAY!

oh yes, it comes with a 41-inch HD teevee too :D

Day 2
The next morning we were delivered right to the doorstep of 4 Seas Bible College(4C) by Aunty Moy Chee and lo and behold, I heard a familiar voice speak. The infamous Eddy Ee! We then met the rest of the 4C faculty and students which includes Bro Peter Chin, the dean of academics, Sister Pooi Fun, the librarian and Bro David Chew, President of the college. I was really excited to attend the first lecture which was on New Testament church. He delivered a good lesson on the New Testament church, outlining the difference between the true church of God and the ones built upon foundations of men instead of Christ. Bro Peter Chin's class was always something I'd look forward to. His Powerpoint and notes presentation PLUS his ridiculously awesome and smexy accent makes his class a fun one! After class we headed down for lunch. The Jurong building is so strategically positioned that they don't even have to walk 5 minutes to be in reach of 5 food courts. We were met by Bro Goh Leong Chuan, minister of Jurong COC and woots! FREE LUNCH! :D:D:D:D

Upon returning to class, along came Bro David Chew. It's a hot day, my stomach is stuffed with chicken rice, the room's cool and air-conditioned. Perfect time for a good sleep. Even though paying attention might be a problem, we try our best to stay awake and alive during his class. Lessons on 1 Corinthians can get a little dry at time. But I do enjoy his Greek classes due to the extensive help during translation and transliteration classes :P

The dorms we're quite good I must say. Comfortable beds and spacious wardrobes.

see? i wasn't lying :P

But who knew that it would be hard for one to sleep because IT'S VERY VERY VERY HOT AT NIGHT! Man, I can't even count the number of sleepless nights I had with my 10 fingers and toes.
So, we normally study before going to bed.

see? told ya we study!

Well that happened for the first few days only :P

What will Alvin and Jonah be up to next? Will they drown a fish? Will they be late for class??
Find out more next time on...

Singapore Adventures!

Singapore Adventures 1

Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's about time I updated about my 3-week Singapore trip of which I dearly DEARLY miss. The first post will just introduce some of the 4 Seas Bible College(4C) students along with 5 factsyousmustknow about them. The stories come later alright? No questions asked :D

First up, we have...

Alvin Lee! *screams*

1. Does not do his homework, revision, studies, research
2. Unable to control food intake
3. aka Poser King(explained later)
4. Dislikes Singaporean food(esp NASI LEMAK)
5. Enjoys talking rubbish


Jonah See

1. No computer=No life
2. No veggie=constipation
3. No study=who cares?
4. No money=no problem
5. No girlfriend=no problem also

Ernest Lauuuuu

1. Not a nerd
2. Exceptionally good in DotA
3. "OH SHAG! haven't memorize the memory workk!"
4. Ladies' man
5. Fanny magnet

Hi, my name is Hai

1. Quiet boy
2. His name is Hai
3. Has a very tough time speaking to everyone
4. "Hey hi! What's your name?"
"Yeah, hi..I didn't get your name.."
"Yes I know you said hi, but what is your name?"
"N-A-M-E. NAME!"
"This is gonna be a long day..."
5. He's from Vietnam


1. Legal Chinese immigrant
2. He used to live ON THE MOUNTAIN
3. He hunts animals with a rifle for dinner
4. Studies hard
5. Studies too hard

Hope Cai Shuang Mei

1. She's has a twin sister
2. Very fun loving and sporty
3. Has a hard time speaking to Alvin due to her chinafied English
5. Despite her age, she's young at heart

Unfortunately, I was not able to get pictures of 2 more students, Phuc and Mollie ):

Monday, February 1, 2010

Singapore, land of the Lionmaid

"For some reason, my human mind is unable to comprehend why the Merlion aka Lionmaid is a symbol of historical grandeur and the pride and joy of all(most) Singaporeans. Well, as a Malaysian in a foreign country, what right do I have to judge the beautiful but weird looking sculpture.."
-unknown Malaysian

Yes it's true, I have no idea as well why the Lionmaid stands there but who cares? Singapore has been a truly enjoyable and wonderful host to it's fellow visitors which includes the two stooges, Jonah and myself. We traveled over-river to be part-time students at 4 Seas Bible College and full-time tourists. Due to time constraint and a pile of Greek homework waiting in my leather-bonded file, I will post a short summary of what I find interesting in my newfound home.

Average. Trust me my fellow Malaysians, you'd appreciate the wanton mee down the dirty, smelly and mouldy alleyways when you get here. I haven't found anything that has amazed my tastebuds except for a Malaysian chef that cooks "mini-wok" food. But I have to compliment on the Economy Rice aka Mixed Vege Rice that the locals offer. For a reasonable price, you can get yourself a good and fulfilling meal that not only appeases the mouth but also your wallet. Apart from that, please stick to Chinese food when you're here. Indian food is ridiculously expensive and most locals go HUH when you mention "I want roti canai"

Public Transport
Exceedingly marvellous. Especially the SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transport) which offers both trains and buses. Getting from one place to another without using a car has never been this easy. Back home, I usually get my bus after an hour's worth of waiting but here, you'd get your buses at the most 20 mins and trains at an amazing 5 to 6 minutes interval. Travelling should be no problem for almost anyone, be it Homer, Marge or Bart.

Friendly. Not much to be said about the average Singaporean except that they practise a higher level of "kiasu-ness" as compared to the average Malaysian. But don't be mistaken, it's this wonderful attribute that has driven this small island into a successful business hub and has shown the world that size truly doesn't matter. Once again, do not be deceived, I'm talking about country size but the rule still applies for horizontally challenged people.

Very good. When it comes to rubbish and littering, I can say that the average Singaporean will think thrice before throwing a piece of paper on the floor, much better than the average Malaysian that won't think before dumping a giant black bag of beer cans and leftovers at someone else's home. Apart from the clean and cozy surroundings, Singapore can boasts it's HUGE collection of high-rise buildings. It's like walking in a bamboo maze, you can't see anything apart from the clouds and the sun. Well, we can't blame an island half the size of Melaka that has 6 times it's population to not have this essential addition right?

Simply awesome. Nothing beats the harmonious and melodious singing here. Apart from the wonderful praises, I've gone tracting with the Jurong peeps. Trust me, scaling 6 high rise flats IS VERY VERY TIRING. DotA with the LAP youths was AMAZING! Now Jon Yang can believe his eyes when I say Weaver CAN go BEYOND GODLIKE HOLY SHIT SOMEONE KILL HIM!! and ULTRA KILLLL!!! and don't worry Isaac, I'll get you back for your "awesome combi" xD The LAP dudes and dudettes took Jonah and I out for a tour around Singapore too. We went to places like Marina Square, The Esplanade, Suntec City and other nice places. My gratitude goes to Jon Yang, Benjaming Kwan, Jun Wei, Ernest, Alan Poon, Justin Kwan, Eliza, Ser Ern, Bernice, Sheryl and Jasmine. We will be going for cycling at East Coast Park next Saturday with the LAP youths once more. You guys are the best xD

That's all from me now, pictures and more updates to come soon when I return to my motherland!