Monday, December 27, 2010

INTI Melaka tour!

Well it's been quite awhile since I've last blogged and since I'm on holiday, what excuse can I possible give besides DotA overdose to not blog? Plenty to catch up on in my absence!

A few weeks ago a small group of students from INTI, Jonah's friends took a bus down to Melaka. They arrived SAFE without accidents. We all know how insane our dear Malaysian bus drivers can be, zooming down highways waaaay past the legal speed limits. Picked them up after worship and we headed over to the Chicken Rice Ball shop down at Jonker(sorry Eunice, I had to :P).

 Oh yes, those are people queuing up.

Only the strong survive! But it gets eaten later.

Lunch was served and we talked and talked and talked and it came to my surprise that amongst them was a close relative of Uncle Eng Boon! Qiao Fang or Jeniffer so happened to be his niece! After a light lunch we scooted out of the restaurant and were faced with a common dilemma. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE. Jonah being the CEO had problems sorting out the chatty lot. Some wanted home, others ICE KACANG. In the end, we all had Ice Kacang at the famous 88 Jonker. As usual the tables were full, queues were long and lips were smacking as we stood waiting for seats.

Need I say more?

Walked home after the icy affair and prepared for dinner, at Pak Putra! Mmmmmmm, to those that know the savoury goodness of this heavenly eatery you'd fume with jealousy for not being able to join us! Once well fed, the bunch walked to Jonker once more for the night flea market.

We were joined by Leroy, Wee Jin, Gin Shen, Daniel Tan, Joel Yip, Vincent Lim and other dudes. Jacky got himself a tattoo!
 Walked back again and the cycle continues tomorrow where they woke up(I couldn't) and hung out at DP and ate Baba Food(once more, at the best of the best). Dinner was satay celup and must I mention, at the best shop in town! Capitol Satay ftw! We had so many people we split in two groups. This was probably the best meal I've had for a long long time, the sauce was excellent and we really had a great time! That night, we went for cycling at the seaside and Usha fell off a bike! We even accompanied her to Dr See's clinic to see her get a jab!

Man that was epic.. That night, the biking buddies cycled around town and had McD, till 4am in the morning! Evidently, I couldn't wake up the next morning and didn't send them off but well, it was a great 3 days with them indeed!


Puppy and I!

Pongteh chicken!

Deep fried squid mmmmmm yummeh!

Will miss you guys!

What I will miss most: PUPPY'S LAUGHTER.
What I enjoyed most: PUPPY'S LAUGHTER :DD

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